4-H Dog Project Begins

March 16, 2021

Would your Child be interested in learning to train their dog? Van Zandt County 4-H is searching for youths, ages 9-18 to be a part of making history in 2021 as we kick off the new year with a newly formed 4-H Dog Project group. Nancy Szabo and Shari Curran both have over 30 years of dog training experience and will be facilitating this fun filled learning adventure!
Regardless of whether they have a mixed breed or purebred, all kinds of dogs are welcome in the 4-H Dog Care and Training Project. They can learn about puppy care, grooming, caring for mature dogs, training, showing, therapy dogs, service dogs, agility training and working dogs.
Obedience classes will be offered so the children can learn how to train their dog! They will also learn about daily care and health of dogs. Most important of all is having fun as they build a bond with their dog and make friends who love dogs too!
Texas 4-H Dog Show is a state event held each year in July, and offers classes in agility, rally, obedience, costume, tricks, drill, showmanship, and conformation. At the annual State 4-H Dog Show, they can enter photos they have taken of your dog in the Dog Photography Contest. Photos are entered in four categories: dog still life, active, storyboard, and theme.
If your child is interested in learning how to become a part of the Van Zandt County 4-H Dog project, please email melisa.rhodes@ag.tamu.edu or call the office 903-567-4149.
If you are interested in attending a half day seminar on Selecting a Dog, Breed Types, and dog training tips also contact Melisa Rhodes at 903-567-4149. A small fee will be charged for this seminar with all the profits going to support the 4-H Dog Project of Van Zandt County.