Fruitvale ISD Celebrates 2020 Graduates With May 29 Ceremony

June 08, 2020

Fruitvale—The 2020 School Year for Fruitvale Independent School District has posed some unprecedented challenges for administrators and the student body alike to say the least. The bobcat campus has endured the COVID-19 pandemic with creative and innovative ways to ensure students were able to continue the required curriculum and maintain their educational needs. Now that the school year has come to a close the graduating class of 2020 closed the book on their strange senior year and begin a new chapter in their lives.
Fruitvale ISD honored 22 Graduates in an intimate ceremony held Friday, May 29 at ??? p.m. at Bobcat Stadium, although the event was much different than in years past. While the students did not experience the normal senior year milestones of the typical graduate, they were not shorted the celebration and pomp and circumstance of a proper graduation ceremony.
Social distancing guidelines limited crowd size, participant and spectator proximities, and some celebratory gatherings, but as the old saying goes “the show must go on.” The seating and crowd distancing still maintained healthy separation as well as all safety precautions taken to ensure all in attendance and the class of 2020 went home with positive memories of the event with no risk to the health of anyone involved.
The bobcat graduating class of 2020 has overcome obstacles to receive their diplomas that no previous class can lay claim. At the top of this year’s graduation class were some of the futures brightest talent. Fruitvale class of 2020 top honor graduates are ????????.
These students will learn as they embark on their chosen paths to overcome obstacles that may arise along the way, and the class of 2020 most certainly got a crash course in this life lesson. Maybe leaving high school already labeled as overcomers will lead them down the route of achievement, and give them a head start toward successful lives.