Check out our Grand Saline Sun Christmas Light Tour Map

December 09, 2017

We here at the Grand Saline Sun, are currently working on constructing a one stop shop for those wanting to take the family out during the Christmas time of year to look at lights, have some hot chocolate, and sing Christmas carols loud and proud. We are actively collecting addresses in Grand Saline and surrounding area's that want to share their Christmas lights/displays with the locals and visitors to our communities, and to make it easier for families to find houses that are decorated and get the most out of the holiday season. Our goal is to give families more time enjoying themselves looking at beautiful Christmas creations rather than spending all their time trying to find them, as we all have done driving down darken streets swinging in some "bah humbug" neighborhood, void of decorations and you head swinging left and right for a distant twinkle as the kiddos begin to "play" in the back seat. Click or copy link below to go to the map or go to Special Pages on our website and click the Grand Saline Sun Christmas Light Tour Map button to be directed to the map.