Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office Issues WARNING

November 02, 2017

VAN ZANDT--Van Zan- dt County Sheriff Of ce social media issued a warning against a recent scam involving the department and are advising citizens to be aware when approached.

VZSO posted the department's Facebook page, "There is an active scam going around Van Zandt County. Under no circumstances will anyone from this office call you and tell you that there is a warrant for your arrest, or that you missed a jury summons and you must pay a fine by any means. If you receive a call in reference to this please call this office 903-567-4133.

The holiday season is upon us, and sad to say, it is often abused by dishonest dealers to use your good nature to scam you out of your money.

A good practice is to always get contact name, telephone number, research the company online, then either return the call or donate on the organization's website. Another good policy, never donate online until you have spoken to a live person with the organization. Give smart!